• Louise

Language - what makes you different from a Horse ?

Updated: Feb 19

Or any other animal ?... The skill of language is a unique gift we are born with, so communicating is a piece of cake ..so just use it !

Easier said that done you may say! Did you know that each person absorbs a language differently from others?. Some people prefer listening to the sound of a language and hearing new words. Some need to see a word written down, and others associate new words with abstract ideas (or other words they already know). So we need to find out which is our own forte.

A good way to soak our brains in absorbing a language is to keep the TV switched on as background sound while we are occupied with other activities. That's the way children have learnt up to five or more languages at the same time, just being immersed in the sounds and patterns of the language. The brain can distinguish the sounds of each language whatever age group we are in. Each language uses vocal cords and muscles in a different way. Have a go...put the Spanish TV on for a while everyday and let it chatter away.

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