• Louise

Spanish Conversation Stoppers....don´t let them stop you

Imagine you jump out bed ready to visit a local Spanish coffee shop and to practice some new words. "Buenos dias !"... you say to the Camarero and he answers back "Good Morning" you most likely will feel like a deflated ballon ready to go home and get back into bed.

How about the following tips... let's go back to the coffee shop...

"Buenos días !" - answer from the camarero "Good morning"

Go for it....you could answer......."Estoy practicando mi español"

or "Ahhh !! Usted habla Inglés !, que bien!" (might make a friend with this answer)

or just ignore and ask for a coffee (in Spanish of course) "Un Café con leche por favor"

If this has happened to you, or you think it is possible... contact me for a Coffee shop lesson and get ready for a lot more fun communicating with the locals

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