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Use it or lose it !

Have you heard those words? Key2spanish is helping people to learn Spanish for everyday life situations.

The best way to learn a language is to use it as soon as possible. Choose a topic (see Lesson Topics on Menu) that you are interested in using, maybe visiting the doctor or taking your car into a garage.  Even if you are not familiar with the Spanish language, jumping straight into a real life situation will help you enjoy communicating even with some basic words and verbs.

Lanzarote and Canary Island culture has a big effect on the way the Spanish language is spoken. So lessons will help know how to use the local way of communicating. It is also important to know a few culture tips, for example when visiting the bank, it is custom to ask who was the last person to join the queue etc.

You can decide on which of three ways you prefer to use for learning. Zoom, Skype or a video call. Zoom is the most recommended as the meeting data is sent to your email address. For the lesson to start, you just click on the link and the connection will open automatically. There are no requirements to download anything, open an account or install the software.